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Cesar Bedoya, Director of Business Development
Cesar Bedoya, Director of Business Development at Universal E-Business Solutions, is constantly looking for opportunities to help his firm grow, develop new products, or take existing products and remodel them to fit the market. The IT market, however, is likewise in constant change. Recurring challenges inevitably arise given the complexities of integrating heterogeneous IT infrastructure components such as server and storage environments, business applications, network and security frameworks, operating systems, and databases. As these components form the core of every business, CIOs face numerous challenges in managing them. “CIO conversations commonly manifest themselves as discussions on streamlining and optimizing IT infrastructure from both technical and operational perspectives,” states Bedoya. Founded as an IT infrastructure strategy and design firm, Universal E-Business helps clients overcome these challenges by working collaboratively as an extension of their clients’ teams, enacting the role of advisor and consultant to provide business context to technology solutions.

“We’ve developed an advanced engineering services portfolio with subject matter expertise across multiple IT infrastructure areas and service methodologies,” says Bedoya. Essentially, Universal E-Business has built the elements to produce highly customized services. Using their private backbone, datacenters, and provider network, the firm’s Network Services offers global network reach. “We design customized transport architectures for our clients and, as needed, can federate with partner service providers to extend our network footprint into business centers around the world,” extols Bedoya. The firm can quickly provision hosting of infrastructure to give clients greater flexibility and agility in datacenter design or application deployment.

Additionally, Universal E-Business’s Cloud and Managed Services facilitates effective orchestration of complex IT environments. “We manage infrastructure not just within client premises, but also on our own and third party premises” asserts Bedoya. With 24x7 monitoring, reporting, customized alerts, security analyses, and updates, the firm delivers practical solutions that help clients increase productivity and efficiency of their resources. Moreover, Universal E-Business provides customers tailored infrastructure security solutions, designed to meet clients’ unique technical and compliance requirements.The firm approaches security from a multi-layered and metrics-based perspective and includes technologies, processes, analytics, and even behavioral aspects.

We have developed an advanced engineering services portfolio with subject matter expertise across multiple IT infrastructure areas and service methodologies

The company’s Professional Services connects clients with experts who understand their business objectives. Its industry experts listen closely to the customer’s requirements, gain clear understanding of the strategic requirements, and work collaboratively to design immediate solutions aligned to long-term road maps.

With its vast technological expertise, Universal E-Business has helped many clients achieve greater efficiency and productivity. In one implementation highlight, a national apparel retailer embarked on an omni-channel strategy, a systematic integration of fragmented sales channels, but some areas of their IT infrastructure would not sustain the business applications aligned to their initiatives. Universal E-Business provided a multi-faceted solution that included network upgrades and optimizations, security, and new wireless infrastructure to extend the hybrid online and in-store shopper experience. Ultimately, the client realized tangible business benefits and was able to move their omni-channel program forward very effectively, advancing their dollar per transaction objectives.

Consistently delivering comprehensive solutions that align enterprise IT architecture to dynamic customer requirements, demands agile and changing capabilities. As new trends emerge in the market, Universal E-Business is investing in the latest technologies such as cloud and analytics to improve efficiency of infrastructure services. Largely, “we are focused on growing our cloud UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) offering, and expanding Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities through which clients can access compute and storage services dynamically,” affirms Bedoya. The firm is also focused on embedding improved analytical models and tools to provide better operational insights to clients.

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Cesar Bedoya, Director of Business Development

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