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Ofer J. Laksman, CEO
The challenge in today’s world: “do more with less.” As privacy, compliance, and GDPR, along with big data initiatives push data center hardware and software limits, CIO’s, COO’s, CTO’s, CPO’s, and even CDO’s are in need of a complete view of data center resources to report, streamline investigations, and eliminate antiquated equipment and applications. Rest assured, the growing demand for actionable insights into the business model within today’s data centers has placed pressure on the Boards, C-Suite and IT.

As divisions remain on quests to deliver solutions that drive future business strategies, how each of them collaborates must evolve too--to profit the organizations. Companies are continuing to push for more solutions and work processes than ever before. Amidst the systematic chaos, New York-based Correlata has emerged as an able driver of innovative business techniques to improve a company’s productivity. The firm provides a platform for resource analysis- -saving time and money for future builds and investments of clients.

“Technology collaboration continues to evolve as new tools are developed and Correlata aims to be ahead of CIO’s data center initiatives by providing a full platform for resource analysis, thus saving time and money on future builds or investments,” says Ofer Laksman, CEO.

The Role of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

Laksman is of the opinion that as technology evolves, Cognitive Analytics and machine learning can be catalysts in the way IT infrastructure is managed. “Two key scenarios are possible: transforming infrastructure from a set of under-utilized capital assets to a highly efficient set of operational resources through dynamic provisioning based on consumption; and the identification of configurations, dependencies and the cause/effect of usage patterns through correlation analysis,” says the industry veteran, Laksman.

Primarilyit comes down to the efficacy and use of resources. With on-premise infrastructure utilization rates for most organizations in the single digits, the cloud has sold the promise of a break through, but this will need the application of machine learning to dynamically provision the right scale and type of resources at the time they are needed for consumption.

Technology collaboration continues to evolve as new tools are developed and Correlata aims to be ahead of CIO’s data center initiatives

Correlata helps here by complimenting this advancement by showcasing, horizontally, how the used and un-used resources are being allocated. This analysis will provide insights for IT in parallel with the advancements of machine learning. Along with the actionable insights, it reveals those areas that need to be recalibrated for the most cost-effective solutions that will drive data center advancements.

At the Core of Correlata

The firm uses a proactive analytical cross-domain, agent-less, schedule-oriented engine based on a unique and comprehensive algorithm to collect information from different data sources, using predefined analytics rules applied to all data collected. Correlata deals with the inherent silo-vendor effect, with a focus on exposing data loss and service availability risks, providing the full visibility and holistic transparency in a language that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom.

Citing one success story, Ofer Laksman, CEO of Correlata says, “We have recently partnered with IBM to build scanners for LinuxONE and a LinuxONE ‘recommendations engine’ to facilitate workload selection and optimized use of LinuxONE to resolve the most demanding of IT issues.” Partnerships like the one with IBM have helped customers gain instant access to IT management and operations information in a single location to best review anomalies and patterns to gain the most of mutual investments. “Correlata remains the only company that provides both horizontal and vertical proactive analytics on data center resources, and for now, any potential competition would most likely be our partners,” concludes Laksman.

Correlata Solutions

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Ofer J. Laksman, CEO

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