NTT Communications Managed Services: Digital Journeys Driven by Smart-Sourced IT

Damian Skendrovic, CEO
In today’s world driven by digital transformation and data analytics, CIOs are expected to drive innovation and optimize platform utilization to foster rapid business development. Concurrently, they also have to balance user accessibility and security. While the IT skills gap shortfall is continually niggling at their mind, they are already overwhelmed, spending an increasing amount of time in managing multiple service contracts rather than focusing on managing IT infrastructure efficiently. Addressing these challenges NTT Communications Managed Services (NTT Com) offers end-to-end, next-generation IT management services, enabling organizations to streamline their digital journey. “With our unique value offering, Global Management One (GMOne), we are consolidating managed services and taking a ‘smart sourcing’ approach which dramatically reduces service management complexity and enhances efficiencies,” says Damian Skendrovic, CEO of NTT Com Managed Services.

Consolidating the substantial resources from within NTT Com, “GMOne delivers one set of service-level agreements (SLAs), one contract, and one management portal that encompasses the client’s entire IT estate,” explains Skendrovic. As an end-to-end service framework, GMOne combines infrastructure management with a wide range of solutions that are aligned with the client’s business requirements. With an extensive high-speed network, massive data center footprint, a range of cloud services, and a long history of managing mission-critical systems, GMOne offers reliable protection against security risks.

Through the smart-sourcing approach, NTT Com provides customers a robust, secure, scalable, compliant, and agile set of turnkey managed services. Backed by strong industry experience, the company helps business leaders visualize their digital future and translate business needs and objectives into strategies. NTT Com team of experts plays a prominent role in driving best practices, processes, and developing industry-leading tools to support clients across all stages of their digital transformation journey. Besides, the company’s flexible contract terms are closely aligned with the business objectives of the clients.

At a time when hybrid cloud adoption is soaring, NTT Com’s experience in complex cloud migrations coupled with their competence with hyper-scale cloud providers qualifies them as a viable partner for companies opting for hybrid cloud computing.

With our unique value offering, Global Management One (GMOne), we are consolidating managed services and taking a ‘smart sourcing’ approach which dramatically reduces service management complexity and enhances efficiencies

With a global presence, through offices in 110 cities worldwide, and over 4,700 highly skilled and experienced engineers, NTT Com delivers best-in-class managed services with 140 data centers linked by their global high-speed networks. Along with being an accredited AWS advanced consulting partner, NTT Com’s expertise in Microsoft Azure has been stamped with a gold Microsoft accreditation, which proves valuable in the cloud landscape.

NTT Com’s value proposition can be demonstrated through the services provided to a leading international chemical producer, Lawter. With operations in over 13 locations globally, Lawter had to confront the challenge of managing multiple vendors and providers of infrastructure management to handle IT infrastructures and services— SAP management, data centers, et al. Consultants from NTT Com helped the customer reduce the system downtime by devising a strategy that involved identifying a suitable cloud service provider. This service provider ensured that all the platforms were consolidated into a single unified solution. Also, the ability of the solution to adapt to Lawter’s changing business requirements while delivering end-to-end cost visibility and control over the process proved highly beneficial for the client.

Skendrovic’s keen eye on strategic acquisitions has resulted in the recent purchase of the Michigan-based Secure-24, which has broadened NTT Com’s capabilities. The company has enhanced its expertise in the lines of mission-critical application hosting, comprehensive managed IT, cloud provisioning, and security services. Skendrovic concludes, “We are preparing for aggressive growth in the years ahead while balancing both service delivery and customer and employee satisfaction,” concludes Skendrovic.

NTT Communications Managed Services

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Damian Skendrovic, CEO

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