Top 20 IT Infrastructure Tech Companies - 2018

A wide gamut of technological advancements and IT innovations is fueling IT infrastructure management and services market these days. However, before adopting these technologies, organizations need to ensure that their IT infrastructure objectives are aligned with the long-term business goals. The IT decision makers need to accordingly opt for IT services and technologies that are crucial for the organization as a whole. In the past few years, the way these professionals designed the IT infrastructure has changed significantly from the way it is done today. Organizations now consider as-a-service consumption model for everything from software to hardware. This pricing model doesn’t only allow them to reduce risk and free up capital but also ensures flexibility. Another major shift has been to the cloud, which today serves as the go-to approach for businesses to save on their costs and move away from the burden of managing data centers in-house. IT companies are no more required to own and manage data centers with Cloud services from leading companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM delivering innumerable benefits to them. As businesses are moving to the cloud, the existing network design, access control, encryption, authentication and other network operations are also changing.

Cybersecurity also continues to be a risk among organizations of all sizes. They continue to invest in managed security services and cloud-based security offerings to keep their data protected against any possible attacks. With many such decisions to be made, it’s essential for IT decision makers to associate with the most reliable solution provider that delivers both consultation and implementation support considering an organization’s IT strategy.

To help these professionals make the right choice, our panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts along with its editorial board has shortlisted the “20 Most Promising IT Infrastructure Solution Providers - 2018”. These companies bring reliable IT infrastructure solutions to the market considering varied required of organizations of all sizes.

Top IT Infrastructure Companies

Consulting firm, value added reseller and managed services provider focused on Converged Networks Technologies servicing enterprise organizations globally

Helping customers transition from legacy IT to a hybrid cloud environment

Provides a self-service software-defined platform that enables easy implementation, deployment, operation, and maintenance of private cloud infrastructure

Drive your Data Center for the future without surprises

Offers industry-leading IT services to help clients move in and out of the public cloud and build private or hybrid cloud systems

Provides Managed Cloud, Data Center, and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions for companies that need help getting to the cloud or improving their existing cloud infrastructure

Massive Networks centers on the following solution sets: office-toOffice Connectivity, Managed Network Services, Cloud Application Connectivity, Data Center Solutions, SaaS Solutions and PremiumBlended Bandwidth

A provider of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions for today’s most demanding service provider, enterprise and government networks

NTT Com Managed Services is a global managed services provider, delivering smart, reliable, and secure ICT solutions that make an impact on the bottom line and propel innovation

128 Technology

Enables enterprise customers and service providers to create a simple, agile, and secure service-centric fabric


Provides a distributed scale-out hyper-converged platform that focuses on secondary storage needs

CommVault (NASDAQ: CVLT)

Data protection and information management solutions which provide midand enterprise-level organizations a way to get value from their data


Combines a worldwide footprint of data centers with a portfolio of cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics offerings, providing an integrated infrastructure platform

David-Kenneth Group

Helps organizations achieve business benefits of data center migration services


Provides a data center solution that empowers IT to disaggregate compute and storage resources and quickly and easily recompose them to meet business needs


Covers a range of storage and data protection capabilities, leveraged to address data management and data protection challenges for private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures

Pure Storage

Provides data solutions enabling SaaS companies, cloud service providers, and enterprise and public sector customers to deliver realtime, secure data


Delivers instant application availability for recovery, search, cloud, and development


Designs, builds and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities

Western Digital

Helps customers capture, preserve, access and transform diverse types of data