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Joel Wetzel, CTO & GM of Infrastructure Services
In today’s digital world, managing the components of an organization’s information technology including its policies, processes, data, and human resource is an essential requirement for a successful business. Implementing cloud services are vital, as for most companies, better utilization of big data and machine learning is not possible on-premises. A complete migration or a hybrid setup between cloud, data center, and on-premises is necessary as it opens up a world of possibilities for organizations. IT infrastructure management is proving to be a complex process requiring the right guidance and assistance from an expert partner. The Bellevue, WA based Affirma Consulting helps global enterprises to resolve these challenges through its managed service offerings. “Affirma is a full service technology consultancy providing expertise in IT, SharePoint, CRM, custom software development and mobile App development,” says Joel Wetzel, CTO and GM of Infrastructure Services, Affirma Consulting.

The company’s IT infrastructure consulting services serves enterprises across industries, including healthcare, defense, manufacturing, construction, and financial services with their application development and monitoring tasks along with automating them in a secure setting. The firm offers quality services for O365 migrations, Azure migrations, Exchange migrations, ADFS, EMS, and System Center along with long-term periodic maintenance, health checks, and monitoring. To deliver uninterrupted customer assistance and related benefits, Affirma offers 24/7 phone helpdesk and email support. The company is zealously dedicated to customer satisfaction and has over 98.8 percent of satisfaction rating. “We are focused on providing great value to our customers and ensure that they are emphatically satisfied by our service,” states Wetzel.

To achieve maximum ROI the company offers customizable solutions and services on a long-term basis requiring less maintenance. “Our discovery process looks at both the business drivers and constraints behind the need, meanwhile initiating one-on-one talks between our architects and the customers’ technical staff about their existing infrastructure,” explains the CTO.

Offers quality services for O365 migrations, Azure migrations, Exchange migrations, ADFS, EMS, and System Center

Further, WindTunnel, a key tool offered by the company allows software developers to create the scaffolding for certain types of projects once the visual specs are available. This reduces development time by hundreds of hours providing great value for the customers. Additionally, Affirma provides timely and efficient staffing services that augment the customer’s teams through short-term use of its large talent base with varied skillsets, allowing them to run their IT departments with a smaller staff that is more focused on their core business.

The firm’s proficiency in providing IT Infrastructure services has made multiple organizations to seamlessly resolve complex challenges. In an instance, Zillow, a leading operator in real estate and home-related information acquired Trulia, a provider of tools and valuable information to real estate professionals. Due to complexity of IT dependencies, the client needed to leverage newer technologies to support multi-forest configurations also demanding migration of Trulia’s email accounts from Intermedia to Office 365 platform while keeping both forests separate to meet business needs and requirements. Affirma being a managed Microsoft partner successfully synchronized and migrated all the accounts completing the complex deployment. This offered Zillow with advanced capabilities and up-to-date functionality of the Office 365 platform.

Forging ahead, Affirma is planning for a global expansion by setting foot into southern United States and the East Coast. “Our company has evolved over the years and continually evolves by operationalizing best practices that deliver what the customer is expecting from initial engagements, to deployments, to ongoing support,” concludes Wetzel.

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Joel Wetzel, CTO & GM of Infrastructure Services

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