Computex Technology Solutions: Delivering Inventive IT Infrastructure Solutions

Sam Haffar, CEO
More and more businesses are striving to build innovative IT infrastructure, but without a clear strategy and expert advice, they often struggle to achieve optimum technology infrastructure– one that is tailored for their business needs. As gaining returns on their IT investments gets painfully slow, the need for intelligent tools and expert guidance becomes necessary. Texas-based Computex Technology Solutions is an IT solution provider that has been building innovative solutions for businesses to overcome their technology complexities. With an end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions portfolio, Computex is a single source solution provider for all technology needs encompassing hardware, software, and support to manage data centers. Alongside these capabilities, Computex offers services for cloud, hosting, unified communications, business resiliency, networking, Storage Area Networks, backup, and managed services.

Computex provides private cloud planning, design, and implementation services. Businessess can take advantage of these implementations, to host their critical data and applications in a secured environment and gain the benefits of automation and infrastructure resiliency, resource pooling, and load balancing across their infrastructure. Having three integration facilities and state of the art network operation center, Computex caters to the needs of businesses of varying sizes. From designing and implementing data center solutions for large customers to streamlining IT hardware essentials in a midsize business, the company delivers optimum IT services that ensure business continuity. Small businesses can avail Computex’ services to manage their network, workstations, and their communications systems easily. Computex also supports mobile strategies such as BYOD helping companies of varying sizes to achieve enterprise mobility.

As a Gold level partner of Cisco, Computex Technology Solutions has three Cisco Master Specializations that vet its expertise in business and technology in selling, deployment, and support for Cisco solutions. “Being recognized as a ‘Cisco Gold Certified Partner with a Triple Master’ shows the ongoing investments and dedication Computex is making to ensure our sales expertise, advanced technical capabilities, and managed services are engineered to deliver superior business value to our customers,” says Sam Haffar, CEO, Computex Technology Solutions.

Computex is a strategic business partner that seeks out innovative, relevant and effective technologies to incorporate into our client’s infrastructure and service agreements

Besides Cisco, leveraging strategic partnerships and certifications in technologies offered by vendors that include Microsoft, VMware, EMC, HP, and NetApp, Computex builds a suite of solutions for real-time data compression, storage performance insights, and business continuity.

Available both in hosted and on-premise models, Computex’ business continuity solutions are supported by on-site or remote technical assessments that zero in on potential problems that affect network health. It offers video-based support where globally distributed teams can communicate through video chatting in live environments that aids faster troubleshooting and smooth operations. Clients also get the benefit of running quality assurance tests on the equipment before deploying them in the operations environment. When Tiller Corporation, a holding company, faced unreliable disaster recovery solution scenarios and unstable virtual environment, panic was around the corner. As its storage solution was incompatible with their virtualization technology implementations, Tiller Corporation had to bear huge expenses on disk storage. A reliable backup recovery plan was just not there on the table. Computex’s plan in bettering data center center performance eventuated with integrating solutions from CommVault and VMware, seamlessly brought in reliability and security in Tiller Corporation’s IT infrastructure.

Computex takes IT optimization path to enable business transformation for its clients. The company continues to make investments in building its core expertise to deliver superior customer experience through greater, better IT.

Computex Technology Solutions

Houston, TX

Sam Haffar, CEO and Worth Davis, CTO

An IT services provider with expertise in data center, unified communications, and private cloud technologies