DataEndure: Catalyst for Digital Resilience

Shahin Pirooz, CTO
As ransomware, malware, and other sophisticated cyber-attacks continue to top the headlines, forward-thinking enterprises are moving toward “digital resilience”: the technical approach of prioritizing the protection of their critical assets. In tandem with this, regulatory requirements for safeguarding sensitive data continue to evolve. The scenario becomes analogous to tightrope walking with compliance and security as the two ends. Enter DataEndure, whose mix of solutions and services helps clients bolster their digital resilience against a continually evolving threat landscape. The San Jose– based company ensures that their clients’ data is safe, secure, and available where and when they need it, and that their IT infrastructure is fortified while meeting regulatory requirements.

“DataEndure enables its clients to focus on their core business while we look after their cybersecurity, storage, information management, and datacenter/cloud needs,” states Shahin Pirooz, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), DataEndure. The core competency of DataEndure lies in building a digitally resilient and data-centered approach to protecting critical information assets and making them available in a timely, cost-effective, and compliant way.

DataEndure follows a compliance-based approach to data security. The company leverages its Managed Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offering to map their clients’ controls to specific regulatory requirements. DataEndure evaluates a customer’s security policies, procedures, and controls, and maps them against regulatory compliance, like PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulations. DataEndure’s Managed GRC offering helps identify gaps and prioritize remediation with the goal of reducing risk and enabling business agility through digital resilience.

While explaining DataEndure’s Managed GRC offering, Pirooz states that the company assists clients struggling with all regulatory concerns, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for which enforcement will begin in mid-2018. The DataEndure team has been working diligently to translate the legalese of GDPR into actionable controls that can be assessed against by any organization that may need to become GDPR compliant.
These controls are then cross-mapped to best-in-breed technologies or solutions (where applicable) that span DataEndure’s core competencies of security, storage, information management, and datacenter/cloud.

The core competency of DataEndure lies in building a digitally resilient and data-centered approach to protecting critical information assets and making them available in a timely, cost-effective, and compliant way

As security is a prime concern for most enterprises, DataEndure’s digital resilience methodology has applications across many industries, with subject matter experts (SMEs) playing a crucial role in helping enterprises comply with regulations. Recently, a large healthcare provider was unable to encrypt ePHI and validate backups of their electronic health record management platform, which put them at risk of being non-compliant with HIPAA. The healthcare provider sought an information management solution to perform regular backups and comply with regulatory requirements. After an assessment, DataEndure implemented a solution that streamlined the client’s backup processes, assisting the healthcare provider with reducing network load and increasing productivity. In addition to implementing a backup solution, DataEndure deployed encryption tools for data in transit and data at rest. DataEndure’s solutions allowed the client to return to a compliant state.

DataEndure utilizes input from executive-level meetings with clients to enhance its products and services in alignment with market needs and transformations. With more than 32 years in business, DataEndure helps clients build and maintain digital resilience through a single vendor that ensures client solutions are deployed properly, maintained regularly, and optimized from the start. DataEndure focuses on the technology so that clients can focus on what matters, their business.


San Jose, CA

Shahin Pirooz, CTO

Helps to build digital resilience for protecting and ensuring availability of critical information