ANEXIO: Monitoring, Managing, and Maintaining IT Infrastructures

Tony Pompliano, President and CEO
ANEXIO’s President and CEO, Tony Pompliano lives to serve his customers. Customer satisfaction fuels everything ANEXIO does. ANEXIO’s customers are sophisticated technology users. They typically have a CIO or a CTO and they use technology to keep the lights on, to generate revenue and to support their own customer base. Many of ANEXIO’s customers previously relied on legacy systems and outdated hardware that failed to scale.

Raleigh, North Carolina-based ANEXIO is transforming the IT industry with Desktop to Data Center solutions designed specifically for customers seeking a smooth transition from legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. “We are experts at helping customers move from legacy IT environments to more efficient and secure, mission-critical infrastructure,” explains Pompliano. In fact, one of the differentiators that ANEXIO brings to the table is the ability to customize Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to meet the needs of its customers while keeping the solution financially viable and highly scalable.

ANEXIO monitors, manages, and maintains IT infrastructure for its customers across eight Tier III SOC-2 certified data centers, an IT solutions center, and a nationwide IP Network. ANEXIO leverages decades of proven IT experience, while providing flexible, cutting-edge services in the ever-changing IT Services world. “Regardless of whether it’s a small or medium-sized business or a Fortune 500 company, every organization aims to allocate its capital well,” says Pompliano. ANEXIO helps ensure that their capital is invested in the right solutions and provides the right capabilities.

The company adopts a three-tiered approach to provide the right solution to its customers. The first phase of this approach is to listen to the customer and understand their challenges. Once ANEXIO gets visibility into the customer’s problem, it moves on to the next step—activation. This involves developing and deploying the right solution for the customer. “We fill the gaps between what they need as a business and their current capabilities,” says Pompliano.

We are experts at helping customers move from legacy IT environments to more efficient and secure, mission critical infrastructure

The next step is to have an action plan that includes a technical and financial solution. When a customer is interested in IaaS, ANEXIO creates a bundled solution including the hardware, software, network, and managed services and then offers it on a subscription basis, which helps the customer reduce their overall IT investment. ANEXIO thereafter offers ongoing support and ensures that the customer has all the information about their custom infrastructure at their fingertips.

One of ANEXIO’s customers is a large, award-winning cloud infrastructure provider based in Europe. They had decided to expand their U.S. operations and were looking for a strategic partner to provide a combination of high performance data center solutions and low latency networking. The client was focused on a data center in Virginia, but ANEXIO worked with them to understand their unique business requirements and learned that they required access to undersea cables. The company ended up choosing ANEXIO’s New York metro area data center and selecting one of the company’s scalable network options.

ANEXIO is transforming the IT industry by building high-performance technology infrastructure to serve the complex computing needs of the world’s most innovative companies. ANEXIO’s revenue has grown over 1,400 percent since 2013 and continues to accelerate as the company builds new infrastructure for emerging technologies. Above all, ANEXIO is committed to delivering enormous value to its customers in 2018 and beyond.


Raleigh, NC

Tony Pompliano, President and CEO

Helping customers transition from legacy IT to a hybrid cloud environment